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This is a wine to share, to "Kunza". An expression used by indigenous people from the mystic northern region of Chile. Word Kunza derived form the complex combination of soil, water and vegetation, which, granted them pride and became their greatest asset.  

Would eventually create a unique wine. A wine to Kunza.




Variety: Gran Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon / Carménère
Appellation: D.O. Valle Central – Maule
Winemaker: Claudio Gonçalves
Bottling: Estate bottled
Alcohol: 13,5


The grapes come from a special selection of the quarters 3 and 12 of our finest vineyards in Villa Alegre, Maule Valley, which are specially managed and controlled to maintain a maximum performance of 6 tons per hectare (2.4 tons per acre) and high exposure of the fruit, producing a highly concentrated wine ideal for aging. Once in stainless steel tank is a concentration of 20% to maximize the flavor, ripe tannins and color. The wine is aged about 15 months in new French oak barrels, with an output of 50 thousand bottles.


The grapes come from our estate vineyards in Villa Alegre, 285 km south of Santiago in the Maule Valley. The soils are derived from volcanic ash and consist of sandy to sandy-loam earth. The vineyards are flat and receive an excellent exposure to sunlight. The yields are carefully controlled so as to produce concentrated and elegant wines.



The Villa Alegre region of Chile has a Mediterranean- style climate. Winter rains are plentiful and summers are dry with marked temperature variations between day and night, thereby allowing the grapes to obtain superb tannin development as well as excellent aromas and color concentration.


The Carménère grapes were harvested by hand at first of Maywhile the Cabernet sauvignon grapes were harvested a few daysbefore. In order to extract color and aromas the must underwentskin contact at low temperatures prior to alcoholic fermentationduring five days. The must is then fermented in stainless steeltanks with selected yeasts at temperatures ranging between 68-70ºF

Kunza Gran Reserva Cabernet 50% - Carmenere 50%

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