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+ State Handling Fee 

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Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM PST

Shipping Delivery and Taxes 

Adult Signature Required 

Upon delivery, all shipments including alcohol will require a signature from a person who is at least 21 years old.


Sales taxes may be added to orders where applicable. These rates may vary by destination and item and are finalized at the time of final sale.

Wine Shipping & Handling Rates 

Shipping costs for wine within the continental U.S. are applied using the following rates. We select carriers based on how well they care for our customers' wine/spirits shipments, their reliability, and overall speed. We change these selections from time to time. Shipping & Handling rates are subject to change from time to time and may be subject to various promotions.

US dollar Amount Ordered      Standard S&H

   Less than $40.00                              $19.99

   Less than $80.00                              $29.99

   Less than $120.00                            $39.99

   More than $120.00                          FREE SHIPPING 


We do not ship to Alaska and Hawaii.

To cover the cost of alcohol compliance, for all wine shipments to NY, NJ, ME, DC, MA, IN, AZ, TX, KS, MT, DE, RI, GA, FL, MI, CT, NC, NH, OH, SC, VA, VT, WV, PA and IL a charge of $4.00 State Handling fee is applied to the shipment total. 

Delivery Times

Wine & Spirits orders shipments are typically on Mondays and Thursdays and make take 1-5 days to be completed. To preserve the quality of the wine, depending on the time of year, shipments to certain destinations are shipped in temperature-controlled trucks and released for the “last mile” of delivery to carriers. For these shipments, delivery times can be longer, and tracking numbers are assigned but may not register during the period of temperature-controlled trucking. We greatly appreciate your patience in trade for the more careful handling of the wine. While transit times can vary for direct-shipped shipments, see the table and map below for expectations.

Location                            Transit Time

Central US, Mid-Atlantic.   1–2 business days

New England, Florida.           3 business days

Western USA.                      3–4 business days

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