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3 Axis of Chile Cabernet Sauvignon Andes Mountain

Vintage 2013

Valleys: Maipo, Cachapoal and Colchagua.


3 Wines which reflect the Diversity of Chile

30 Wineries, 30 Winemakers, 3 Wine Districts = 3 Unheard of Wines

Chile is a long and thin country, one where the Andes range and the Pacific Ocean are almost at sight, this is how the idea was born of making 3 different wines from 3 large viniculture areas like a journey, which invites you to cross Chile from North to South.

We made 3 wines which talk about their landscape: a Cabernet Sauvignon that reflects the character of our mountain range, a Carmenere that represents the generosity of the valleys between the mountain ranges and a Syrah that shows the influence of the costal range in our wines. 3 unique and different wines, 3 identities, 3 original and creative approaches which offer flavors, textures and their own style allowing a distinctive characteristic and personality of each Axis- Area.


Concept: An expressive wine with good structure, a fresh wine, Perfect matureness of red and black fruit with mild aromas of spices. In mouth tannins are soft and velvety, great balance of fruit and wood. An elegant wine with good acidity, long and juicy, very deep. “ Friendly Cabernet Sauvignon, easy to understand”.



18 Months in French Oak

Alc by Vol: 14,5º

pH: 3,56

Total Acidity (H2 SO4): 3,41 g/lt



3 Axis of Chile Cabernet Sauvignon Andes Mountain

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