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3 Axis of Chile Syrah Pacific Coast

Vintage 2013

Valleys: Elqui, Limarí, Aconcagua, Casablanca, Leyda and Colchagua.


3 Wines, which reflect the Diversity of Chile

30 Wineries, 30 Winemakers, 3 Wine Districts = 3 Unheard of Wines

Chile is a long and thin country, one where the Andes range and the Pacific Ocean are almost at sight, this is how the idea of making 3 different wines from 3 large viniculture areas was born. Like a journey, this wine invites you to cross Chile from North to South.

We made 3 wines which talk about their landscape: a Cabernet Sauvignon that reflects the character of our mountain range, a Carmenere that represents the generosity of the valleys between the mountain ranges and a Syrah that shows the influence of the costal range in our wines. 3 unique and different wines, 3 identities, 3 original and creative approaches which offer flavors textures and their own style allowing a distinctive characteristic and personality of each Axis- Area.


Concept: Over anything else it must reflect the cold climate, a fresh wine, with lots of crispiness and intense aroma, where the highlight are the flowers, acidic red fruits, pepper and black olives. Expression of smooth tannins and a sweet mineral touch, low in wood. A complex wine, long and juicy, concentrated. “ Vibrant Syrah with nerve”.



18 Months in French Oak

Alc. by Vol: 14,4º

pH: 3,40

Total Acidity (H2 SO4): 3,55 g/lt

3 Axis of Chile Syrah Pacific Coast

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