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Varieties: Blend of white varieties, mainly Muscat grapes
Vintage: N/V
Appellation: without denomination of origin; a combination of different Chilean wine regions
Harvest: Between February and March each year

pH 3.2 +/- 0.2
Total acidity 5,90 g/l (+/- 0,3 g/l)
Sparkling wine pressure: 5.0 bar at 68°F (+/- 0.6 bar)



The first fermentation of the pressed grape occurs in stainless steel tanks at 61°F- 63°F with selected yeasts, resulting in the base wine.
The second natural fermentation occurs using the Charmat method in
fermentation or stainless steel isobaric tanks at 62°F-68°F with selected yeasts and resulted in a dry sparkling wine.

Tasting Notes

This wine is shiny and pale yellow in color with very fine, persistent bubbles.
It has beautiful aromas of pleasant fruit with delicate floral notes. In the mouth is fresh and well-balanced with a very pleasant medium sweet finish.

Serving Suggestions
Food pairings Ideal as an aperitif or paired with fish and shellfish, cheese, white meat or pasta dishes. Perfect with desserts. Best served between 43°F and 44°F

Correct Storage

- Store in a clean, dry, fresh, well-ventilated area without vibrations
- Do not store together with products with strong aromas (the odor passes through the cork)
- Store in a walled, roofed area
- Do not expose to direct light, especially sunlight
- Store at a temperature of between 50°F and 68°F; the ideal storage
temperature is 60°F. Avoid thermal shock.

Sol De Chile Extra Brut

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