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This is a wine to share, to "Kunza". An expression used by indigenous people from the mystic regions of Chile and Argentina. Word Kunza derived form the complex combination of soil, water and vegetation, which, granted them pride and became their greatest asset. Currently known as terroir this region would eventually create a unique wine. A wine to Kunza. Salud!



This hand crafter sparkling Malbec Rose, is a direct result of both the expertise of renowned Argentinean sparkling wine expert, Miguel Perulan, and an unrivalled quality of grapes harvested from a 100 year old vineyard at the heart of the Andes Mountains. Miguel and his extended family ensure first hand, that every step of the process is carefully monitored, resulting in an elegant and delicate, yet vibrant rose style sparkling wine. The perfect wine to enjoy on its own, or with any of your favorite dishes and desserts – Miguel prefers however, to always share with family and friends – This is to “Kunza”= Share.


Total cases produced and bottled: 1218 cases.

Kunza Traditional Method Sparkling

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